We offer environmentally friendly and cost-effective coal water and steam boilers, as well as gas and oil boilers. The solutions we offer give savings to our customers while reducing the emission of dangerous gases and toxins to the atmosphere.

Due to the modern technology and our significant discounts, we combine the highest technical/utility parameters with a very reasonable price. Nowadays, when every detail and every penny counts, with the skyrocketing energy prices, a cost-effective, trouble-free and comfortable source of ecological heating has become a necessity.

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Basic benefits

 korzysciCARBOTHERM boilers offer the following basic benefits:
- low operating costs
- automatic and easy operation for saving time, fuel and materials
- free advice, professional service and installation
- we have "ZBE" certificates issued by the Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal and boiler emission tests conducted by the Central Mining Institute - Notified Body
- the prestige coming from the use of best practices and improvement in terms of quality and environment.



Environmental protection

ochronaOur boilers meet the requirements for air pollution, are in the category of the so-called ecological heat sources. Our boilers have received the "sign of ecological safety". Since 2004, over a dozen large companies and institutions have trusted us. We also participated in seven pro-ecological "Low emission limitations" programs.